Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2013 Daily Aquarius Horoscope

2013 Daily Aquarius Horoscope:

Networking and making connections are in high focus in December, dear Aquarius. The first ten days of the month are excellent for career relations, recognition, reputation, and support. The 13th brings a New Moon in a friendly sector of your chart as well as the direct motion of your ruler, Uranus. This brings especially forward-looking, positive energy into your world, which carries well into the holidays. You begin to feel more understood, relationships with siblings and neighbors improve, and communications projects move forward. New beginnings in May, particularly projects and relationships, tend to bear fruit or come to a head in December, but it won't be until the last week of the month when you're truly ready to push plans forward. In fact, until the 25th, you are in need of extra rest, and energy levels may be lower than usual. Avoid pushing yourself, and this applies to both physical and mental levels. Major decision making can wait. You're likely to begin the New Year with more gusto and ambition than usual.

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